Specialty Items

Water Features
Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains made of natural stone bring a country feel to your garden. Water features have a power of relieving stress, attracting wildlife, stimulating your senses and they can help conceal landscape problems on your property. We carry a variety of stone that would be perfect for a gorgeous water feature to bring any yard a feeling of serenity after a long day.

Address Markers / Engraving
Pine’s Stone Company is well known for helping customers find the perfect stone for their needs, no matter what those needs may be. If you are looking for an address marker, tombstone, monument or sign, we are more than willing to find the perfect stone and send it out for quality engraving.

Carvings / Sculptures
Most of the carvings done for Pine’s Stone are from local stone carvers from the Roaring Fork Valley. They include Martin Cooney, Janusz Obst, Larry Terrafranca of Colorado Springs, CO and Lyle Nichols of Palisade, CO.

Can you imagine patio furniture that requires no painting, staining, or sanding and can withstand wind, sun, rain, snow, hail and rot? That’s right, stone furniture can resist any season and can be very comfortable. It would be nice to sit at a table with family and friends and share meals in a goregous garden or near a lovely, soothing stream.