Wholesale Stone Quarry Direct

Pine’s Stone Company, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado is a premier wholesale supplier of natural stone and has been distributing stone throughout the United States since 1988. We are the exclusive supplier of Farmers™ Stone and we can provide extensive fabrication services from our Quarry site in Cameron Oklahoma.

If you wish to buy Wholesale Stone Quarry Direct, please call us at 800 928-2940

Pines Stone Co Quarry in OklahomaQuarry Direct Stone1-Farmers 2 man garden wall- titledPines Stone Co SONY DSC 5-farmers natural- irregular veneer mtn lodge-titled 6-Farmers blue brown sqs and recs-titled 7-Farmers chopped - fireplace magazine photo-titled 8 -Farmers natural 3 inch veneer chopped-titled 9-Farmers natural thin veneer side view-titled 10- Farmers 2 man pond steps-titled SONY DSC 13-Sunset farmers inside-titled 14-Wildhorse Moss Beams-edit 15-Wildhorse moss boulders 3 pallets-edit 16-Wild Horse moss veneer 2 close and far-edit 17-drywall palleted 2-edit 19-Galen_Cameron2-edit 20-Large Creek Rock in pallet-edit 21-Farmers TSV flats in crates - Reduced-edited 22-Sunset TSV flats and corners-edit 23-Wildhorse TSV coreners and flats-edit 25- E- midway chopped blend