Pine’s Stone Warranty

Pine’s Stone Company’s policy on stone is that there are no expressed or implied guaranty or warranty of any kind on natural stone; all natural stone has inherent variations in color, texture and durability. Materials are sold “as is” and the buyer is responsible for inspection of all material upon receipt to determine acceptability. Use constitutes acceptance and the stone is not returnable.

Pine’s Stone is not liable for suitability of a stone for a specific application or the installation of the product. Because stone is a product of nature and the owner’s maintenance/preventive maintenance is an unknown, Pine’s Stone Company cannot and will not warrant the integrity and/or performance of the stone.

Maintenance of the stone should include removal of snow to prevent ice build-up and/or moisture saturation.  Use of Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride should be avoided.  Application of a breathable sealer at least once per year is recommended.  Contact a reputable company for suggested sealers to use.

Pine’s Stone Company is also not liable or responsible for the effects of acid rain on the natural stone as acid rain and the dry deposition of acidic particles are known to contribute to the corrosion of stone.

The images in this site are provided to give you an overall impression of the stone available to you, and to serve as a reference for the process of visiting our location, meeting with a sales representative and seeing and touching the actual product before making your final selection.

Photographic conditions including sunlight, moisture, cameras, lenses, and even different photographic styles can drastically change the appearance of a natural stone product. Your monitor’s color and resolution settings can affect your ability to view a high resolution image as well. Although every step has been taken to display these as accurately as possible, there are many variables which control the final outcome.

If a visit to one of our locations is not possible for you, please call and request that we send you samples of the stone products you are seeking, and we will be happy to do so. The following images should in no way serve as the basis for your final purchasing decision.

All of the images contained on this website are the property of Pine’s Stone Company, Inc. and may not be used in any fashion other than that for which they were intended, which is to serve as a reference materials for our customers. These photographs may not be reproduced in any way, or for any reason, without prior written consent from Pine’s Stone Company, Inc.