Decorative Garden Rock

Moss Rock Planters

Stone planters are extremely durable and have an appearance of a natural boulder that you can plant flowers of your choice. Each boulder has the centers drilled with a few small drainage holes. These planters are beautiful and unique. You’re plants will love them and your friends and family will be impressed with your great taste!

Decorative Rock Pine's Stone Co

Creek Rock

Also called river rock, Farmers™ Creek Rock is a very dense sandstone with colors that range from golden brown, dark brown, blue-grey, white with brown and some grey. This creek rock is a great feature for gardens, ponds, fountains, walkways and other landscaping projects.

Pine's Stone Co Aspen Creek Rock

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles are smooth rocks that have a well-worn matte finish, and are a wonderful accent to any water or garden feature. This product is also commonly being used on roof-tops. Available in multiple colors.

Pines Stone Company Mexican Beach Pebbles for Landscaping

Polished Pebbles

Polished pebbles are sorted and tumbled to a shine. Due to their more refined appearance, they are popular in both indoor and outdoor features. Polished pebbles are excellent in gardens, ponds, fountains, flower arrangements, residential and commercial landscaping, center pieces and arts & crafts. Available in multiple colors.

Pines Stone Co Polished Pebbles for Landscaping