Thin Stone Veneer

Why Choose Thin Sawn Stone Veneer?

  • Thin sawn veneer weighs 15 lbs or less per square foot.
  • It is great for remodeling projects or in areas with special support consideration, such as chimneys above roofline & 2nd floor fireplaces.
  • Natural stone does not have a repeating pattern which are easily identifiable as it is with manufactured products.
  • Corners make it extremely difficult to detect the difference between full & thin veneer.
  • It is resistant to the elements.
  • Available in the same material as full veneer.
  • Reduced cost of preparation
  • Everlasting, maintenance-free beauty.
  • & MUCH MORE…


• Thicknesses – ranges from ½” to 1½”
• Heights – up to 11″


Flats – Used to cover the flat wall surface & is sold by the square foot.
Corners – Used to cover the outside corners of projects & is sold by the linear foot.

Available Material

All Veneer has the capability of being sawn into a Thin Veneer.
Please click HERE for a list of Full Veneer Products.